Difficult decision

“The dream of being parents overtook all our fears”

How did you live the time leading up to your decision of attempting treatment?

As with any other couple, thinking of a donor is the last resort. It was certainly true in our case. It was a hard choice to make especially when I did get pregnant twice before and then coming to terms with Premature Ovarian Failure and Endometriosis which left my left Fallopian tube blocked.
We took our time to explore every option and tried everything before we chose to go for a donor.

Can you describe your feelings/fears at the time?

For us it was mainly fears associated with the treatment. Fears like, “Is it really possible?” “Is it going to work?” “We are not even based in the same region?” “It costs a lot!” “What if it fails, will I be able to go through the emotional trauma?” “Is it going to be discreet?”

How did you come to terms with the need to use donor eggs?

The dream of being parents overtook all our fears with the donor eggs and the treatment. Deep in our hearts we knew we will be great parents and we would not even remember that we went for a donor hence we went ahead with our decision to use donor eggs.

What motivated you to come to Spain/Embriogyn for treatment?

Honestly Embriogyn was the first clinic I looked up in the search engine and was impressed by the details on their website and their success rates which motivated me to write to Laura. The immediate response back from Laura encouraged me even further. I should say that if not for Laura we wouldn’t have gone ahead with the treatment.

How did you live the treatment done with us? Was it easy/difficult, etc..?

Treatment with Embriogyn was great! We had all our queries and doubts answered and with atmost details. Staff at Embriogyn are one of the kindest I have ever encountered. Language wasn’t a problem either! Environment at the clinic is welcoming and the location too is perfect to relax which is very much needed for the treatment.

Would you recommend going for treatment with us?