Feel closer

“Our desire for a family was stronger than our fears and worries.”

Once we found out we would need medical assistance in order to have a family we spent all our free time reading and gathering as much information about treatment options. We were overwhelmed with the amount of information, personal opinions, and lack of professional guidance.

As you can expect we felt saddened by the loss of being able to conceive naturally and
to be honest, we were jealous of people who were blessed with children. We experienced periods of hopelessness considering the low probability of success even with treatment. After our two rounds of IVF we were further saddened with the news that conceiving with our eggs would not happen. As a couple we talked about how we would feel and accept a child not being our genetic material. We feared we wouldn’t have the same connection as a biological daughter/son. We were worried about having to answer the child’s questions about who she/he is.


We chose to use donor eggs because our desire for a family was stronger than our fears and worries.


We even started the process for adoption assuming that we would not be successful with the treatment. Fortunately, we discovered Embriogyn through a search for clinics who offered a donor egg program which lead us to contact the clinic team.

We chose to come to Embriogyn because their quick personal response to our questions and no wait time to be accepted to the program. From our first contact to our first appointment at the clinic we were a little skeptical that the team could be so friendly and responsive. This was nothing like our previous experiences. We were not a number. We were Mark and Evelisa our friends from Canada trying to start a family. We were not customers buying a chance for a baby. We were patients deserving of respect and involvement in treatment decisions. Our relation with the team was not cold and sterile but rather warm, compassionate, and full of cautious hope. We knew we had come to the right place.

Having to come to the clinic only once for the treatment was a huge benefit to us because of the travel involved. Our treatment was well coordinated and communicated so we always felt like we were a part of the treatment. Any questions we had would when be answer within twenty four hours which relieve the stress of being unsure about any part of the treatment. Once at the clinic we were put at ease by the genuine caring of the team.

The facilities were clean, and new equipment provided credibility that this program was for real.


The hardest part of the treatment for us was driving on the narrow roads to get to the clinic!


Not only would we recommend Embriogyn to you we are returning parents looking for a sibling for our beautiful daughter. We wish you joy and success with whatever road you choose to parenthood.