At Embriogyn we work every day to help you fulfill your dream and we take care of every last detail.

We are people with humanity, trust, transparency and professionalism. We have the best technology, the most advanced science, the most innovative knowledge and more than 14 years of experience in Assisted Human Reproduction.

We are a team willing to go one step further with a common goal, the passion for Reproductive Medicine and the desire to help people.

Because doing things right isn’t an option at Embriogyn, it’s an attitude. Working with fertility at 360 degrees is the key to success. We don’t just seek pregnancy, we seek to maintain the essence of the experience of motherhood, to fight every step and face difficulties as opportunities for improvement, and to enjoy the journey, to enjoy it knowing the unique experience we provide to those with whom we achieve it.

If you have come this far, it is because you surely need help, support from a specialist who understands and can advise you on the best path or treatment to achieve your goal of raising a family. At Embriogyn we bring you closer to your happiest moment. We are sure that we will not let you down.

Because in Embriogyn,
dreams come true and are for life.


Fertility consultations attended


Treatments carried out


Dreams achieved


Babies born


We have pregnancy success rates above the Spanish and European average in all the treatments we perform.


We are an audited centre and all our results are published in the annual report of the Spanish Fertility Society (SEF).


You are in the hands of great professionals of recognized prestige in their specialty with deep knowledge and experience of the specialty and with continuous training.


We are leaders in the implementation of the most advanced technology coming out. We have the world’s leading technology: EmbryoScope and Sitema Witness (traceability in the laboratory), laser for HSC, 5D ultrasound…


We know that you need reproductive advice or fertility treatment and all the people who make up the Embriogyn team will pamper you so that you are totally accompanied and safe.


We know that having a child is your priority, and it will be ours too, we are available to you.


Privacy is assured. We have our own operating room and laboratories, so all treatment is carried out within our facilities.

Positive Assisted Reproduction+
We’ll do it together

Positive Assisted Reproduction+
We’ll do it together

These are some of the values and attributes that define us and are part of our philosophy. We integrate them under the concept of Positive Assisted Reproduction +, a new way of understanding motherhood that is more humane, more effective and more positive.


It’s quite simple. Just write to us and our team will be happy to answer your questions, give you all the information you want and schedule a visit if necessary.

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