We put at your disposal, a web application with a unique and anonymous sponsorship network, where you will be able to find the most sincere and related answers to many of your questions from people who have already been through a fertility treatment.

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Start sharing experiences, concerns and find the answer to your questions.

Let yourself be sponsored in the Embriogyn Sponsorship Network, let yourself be helped

Embriogyn has helped thousands of people realize their dream of creating a family, or making it bigger. For more than 14 years, we have been by their side, accompanying them in this process, advising them and helping them find answers to their questions: why me? have I done something wrong? what is wrong? what are the options we have for parenting?

As professionals, we have been dedicated to giving the best of ourselves, but we know that often it is necessary to share how we feel with someone who has been in the same situation that we are going through. Sometimes only someone who has asked the same questions and faced the same fears can really understand us.

That is why we want to go one step further in accompanying you in the process you have undertaken or are thinking of undertaking.


We offer you an intimate and private space where you can talk to someone who has gone through the same situation as you, someone who has had to deal with assisted reproduction, to the questions: What now? How do I face my fears? How do I deal with my concerns? We know that this is a vital decision.

The companions you will find in this network are people who have already been able to achieve a super dream of being parents, and who voluntarily offered to share a super experience, listen to you and accompany you. Because one day they were in the same situation, in your place, and they can understand you better than anyone else.

When you access the network, you will have to create a brief profile, designed to guarantee your anonymity, so that Embriogyn can put you in touch with the companion who most resembles your current situation. At all times, it is the Embriogyn team that puts you in touch with your volunteer escort partner since your situation may change over time.


We have always accompanied our patients on a professional level and also put a lot of emphasis on close and humane accompaniment. This project is born precisely because we have the desire to help and we live assisted reproduction in a vocational and passionate way. Through this project we make available new travel companions for your life project, and we can offer a more personal accompaniment and from experience.

From Embriogyn we hope that this new tool will be useful to you, help you feel always accompanied and someday you can accompany a new couple to make their dream come true


It’s quite simple. Just write to us and our team will be happy to answer your questions, give you all the information you want and schedule a visit if necessary.

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