Psychologist, she is in charge of the Assisted Reproduction Psychology Unit, which specializes in supporting couples who are experiencing reproductive difficulties. Sweet and discreet, she guides people to look at the future with hope and face reality with courage, positivism and illusion.

Couples or women who undertake the journey towards motherhood/paternity through the use of reproductive techniques go through a process of testing and medical treatment that in some cases becomes a long and/or stressful experience. Therefore, at Embriogyn we consider that it is very important not to forget the emotional part in all the steps of the medicine of reproduction.

The typology of patients and couples is different and so are their needs.

  • Couples who do not get pregnant
  • Women who decide to face maternity alone
  • Couples of women who need the help of assisted reproduction to achieve pregnancy.

Our Psychology Unit wants to help you in any case that is yours.

At Embriogyn we believe that it is very important to ensure the emotional well-being of our patients from the very beginning. That is why we will be by your side at all times and give you the maximum support when you need it the most. The Assisted Reproduction Psychology Unit will support you throughout the treatment.

There are moments of special relevance in assisted reproduction that we think need special attention, such as facing a negative result or accepting a gamete or embryo donation. From the Psychology Unit we will give you the necessary tools to face these situations and overcome the adversities to make your dream come true.


To perform a good emotional accompaniment, Embriogyn also has different tools that can help you during the whole process:


Positive IVF

Our team works to motivate and empower couples to actively seek ways to solve the problems they face in order to reduce or escape stress and thus achieve the desire to be parents with greater peace of mind.

Positive IVF is a new way of living assisted reproduction in an integrated way, where the whole team at Embriogyn will focus on improving the care and experience so that you can live in a positive way until your dream comes true.

You can learn more about Positive IVF here


Book “Vull tenir un fill

We know that the situation you face is not easy and sharing it and feeling accompanied by others in the same situation can help you cope better. So, thinking of transmitting you the energy of those who have already gone through this experience, we have counted on the collaboration of those who have gone through this situation in first person to share their personal experience sincerely and freely. Reading these experiences in difficult moments can give you the strength to go on and finally make the miracle of life possible.

Vull tenir un fill is a book edited by Embriogyn to bring you real experiences of people who have gone through fertility treatment like you to become parents.

Visit the virtual book


Reproductive Sponsorship

Embriogyn has created the first reproductive Sponsorship Network to help couples in the project of becoming parents. In this network you will be able to get in touch with anonymous people who have gone through the same process you are going through so that you can share your experiences with them and they can understand you better than anyone else.

If you want to make your dream come true, let yourself be sponsored by the Embriogyn Sponsorship Network.


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