Embryogyn Assisted Reproduction Treatments are intended to achieve pregnancy when there are male or female fertility problems or both. Assisted reproduction is also applied to women who want to become single mothers, and to couples formed by women.

At Embriogyn we are pioneers in implementing the most innovative technologies in fertility treatments. Our results are backed by success rates that are above the average in Europe. At Embriogyn we have developed the concept of Positive Assisted Reproduction + in order to be even closer to you and make the dream of starting a family come true, WE WILL DO IT TOGETHER! 



Artificial Insemination (AI) aims to facilitate the encounter between the sperm and the egg in the same maternal uterus. It can be performed with sperm from the couple or from a sperm bank.

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IVF, in essence, consists of putting the eggs and sperm into contact in the laboratory to achieve the formation of embryos that will be transferred (1-2) into the woman’s uterus for implantation. In Vitro Fertilization will have different variables depending on the origin of the eggs and sperm since these can be their own or from a donor.

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IVF with genetic study of the embryos

The In Vitro Fertilization with genetic study of the embryos, represents the maximum safety conditions in an Assisted Reproduction treatment. It is the combination of an In Vitro Fertilization process with the preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select the embryos chromosomically normal or free of hereditary diseases.

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Egg Donation: IVF with donor eggs

Ovodonation is the process of In Vitro Fertilization that consists of uniting the eggs of a donor and the sperm of the recipient couple, in the case of having it, with the option of using a sperm bank otherwise. Thus, the woman will be able to gestate an embryo by herself and have a baby, which otherwise she could not.

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ROPA Method

The ROPA method, also known as double maternity, is a variant of In Vitro Fertilization for couples formed by two women. In this context, one of the women of the couple undergoes ovarian stimulation to provide the eggs, and the embryos obtained are transferred to the other woman of the couple. In this way, both women are mothers, thus achieving a total involvement of both in the maternity project.

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Embryo Adoption

One of the options in Assisted Reproduction to manage to form a family is the adoption of embryos. After an IVF treatment that has ended with a successful pregnancy, there may be surplus frozen embryos that are saved for the future. When patients see their reproductive process finished, they may have the option of altruistically giving these embryos to other couples to make their dream come true.

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